last modified on 05.11.2022

GurkenStixx Online

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You can reach the Teamspeak Server at a password is not required.


1. No hissing whistling crawling crackling or noise
2. No continuous sending no fumbling in foot packages
3. No recording!
4. Speaking objectively one after the other, no shouting
5. No music and no effects

Stream und Recording

This is of course permitted and desired in the channels provided for this purpose.

Every user of our Teamspeak should be aware that games can be streamed or games can be recorded in whole or in part, this includes voices in the TS. Who does not want this must choose another channel if necessary.

Up und Download

The up and download area in the TS is exclusively the channel "Packing“. File sharing is only for small files and GurkenStixx internal graphics and not a file sharing alternative for Uploaded or Rapidgator.